March 2, 2024

Spengler Catigny Cup Group – After defeat in 2022: Will Team Canada respond? – Sports

Spengler Catigny Cup Group – After defeat in 2022: Will Team Canada respond? – Sports – SRF

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Team Canada is looking for redemption in the Spengler Cup a year after its shocking early exit.

Team Canada's Spengler Cup history is one of success. In 2019, she became the only record holder with her 16th title, and Canadians have been victorious in four of the last six events. But the Maple Leaves have something to make up for: 2022 has already ended in the semifinals.

It is expected that there will be a reaction to this; In 2023, successful North Americans will once again do everything in their power to live up to their reputation. And their own demands that will be nothing short of a victory in the final match on New Year's Eve.

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You can watch all Spengler Cup matches live on the SRF channel. Afternoon games start at 3:10pm (exception: kickoff game), and evening games start at 8:15pm. Umbre and Pardubice open the tournament on Tuesday afternoon 2:10 pm. In the evening, Frölunda will compete against Team Canada (live from 8:10pm on SRF Zwei and in the Sport app).

At home they watch

The team is always great, and for many Canadians active in Europe, the Spengler Cup is a welcome opportunity to introduce themselves to a wide audience at home. The appeal of the Spengler Cup in Canada remains as great as the national sports broadcaster TSN Streams all the games live into your home.

This explains why Team Canada lacks motivation at all. This year too, it will be a big challenge for the competition to stop the 'eternal favourite'.


Want to cheer again

Canadians in the Spengler Cup.

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