February 24, 2024

Current National League – Kloten also wins the second derby – Langnau wins thanks to two shorthands – Sports


In the National League, Klutner's team defeated the Lions 3:1, and the Tigers defeated the Lakers 4:2.


Cheers dark blue

Michael Losley makes it 2-0.

Fresh Fox / Claudio Toma

The second Zurich derby in 24 hours will also be the prey of EHC Kloten. The penultimate team in the National League defeated second-placed Zamalek SC by a score of 3-1, as it did on Saturday.

Against the run of the game, Tyler Morley gave the home team the lead with a burst of energy: when outnumbered, he seized the ball, launched a counter-attack and caught goalkeeper Simon Hrubek between his legs. In the middle third, Michael Losley pulled off a wrist shot from Niko Ugamaki. The Finnish assist provider has previously played the impressive Dean Kocan.

ZSC captain Patrick Gering scored the next goal 4 minutes from time. But that was just a waste, especially since Aksel Simic scored into an empty net two minutes from time. Kloten, who had lost 8 consecutive matches before the two matches with the Lions, is already celebrating winning his third derby in a row this season.

Langnau returns the favor to Raby

The SCL Tigers met Sunday afternoon Avenged Friday's 2:5 home loss: Langenauer celebrated a 4:2 win over Rapperswil-Jona Lakers, thus preventing St. Gallen, still in 12th place, from overtaking them in the table.

The key to Langnau's only second victory in the last 11 matches was the play in the penalty area: until the middle of the match, the visitors in the Obersee were 1:2 behind, but then they coped better with several penalties.



Big cheers from the SCL Tigers

In the away win over Obersee.

Fresh Fox/Thomas Oswald

Harri Pesonen, who had already scored the first goal, scored in the 35th minute when he was outnumbered to make it 2-2. In the final third, Sakko Minalainen followed up with the second goal after a Lakers sloppiness to make it 3-2. For the Tigers, these were the first goals ever this season that they have scored with one fewer player.

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