July 16, 2024

Spain bans “dwarf bullfinches” – grumpy little stature

Spain bans “dwarf bullfinches” – grumpy little stature

Disputed traditions

Spain bans “pygmy bullfinches” – short, playful people

Parliament decided that bullfighting involving shorts would not be allowed in the future. Those most affected do not like him at all.


Pictures like this will soon be a thing of the past in Spain.

France Press agency

  • Bullfighting involving short stumps will be banned in Spain in the future.

  • Parliament decided – it feared violating EU guidelines in combat.

  • Concerned bullfighters are now fighting the ban.

The Spanish parliament has Bullfighting shows on ThursdaysIt is forbidden for people of short stature to fight and provoke animals. Various human rights organizations welcomed the decision, but there was a lot of criticism from those affected.

Dwarf cyclones are on the way down

Known as “pygmy bullfights”, these shows became popular several decades ago to entertain crowds at bullfighting events. These “dwarf trees”, as they called themselves, dressed as firefighters, among other things, and hunted young bulls without killing them, with the aim of making the spectators laugh. However, in recent years there have been fewer and fewer such events, and the number of “troll trolls” has decreased, as “If you die“He writes.

The law, passed Thursday, prohibits “performances or entertainment activities in which persons with disabilities are used to provoke ridicule and mockery from the public.” The law aims to ensure respect for EU directives on discrimination against persons with disabilities in Spain.

According to the Royal Commission on Disability in Madrid, “With so many girls and boys attending these shameful shows with adults, these shows spread the idea that it is okay to make fun of differences,” said Jesús Martín, director general of the organisation.

The bullfighters see their livelihoods in danger

However, many of the affected artists prior to the decision maintained that they felt respected and valued, and stressed that without these performances their livelihoods would be in jeopardy. Some of them had demonstrated in front of Parliament before the vote on the law to express their opposition. “We are bullfighters, we are artists, enough bans, we don’t want handouts,” the group “Entertainment in the Arena” wrote on their Facebook page this week.

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