June 20, 2024

Florida Education Law - Sexual Orientation Is a Prohibited Subject in Florida Prep School - News

Florida Education Law – Sexual Orientation Is a Prohibited Subject in Florida Prep School – News

  • Florida’s governor has signed a controversial education law.
  • In the future, teachers in the lower grades will not be allowed to talk to children about sexual orientation and gender identity; This should be the sole responsibility of the parents.
  • US President Joe Biden wrote that his administration will continue to work for all families.

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis said at the signing that the goal was to ensure that parents could send their children to school “to be educated, not indoctrinated.” The law prohibits kindergarten and third-grade teachers from addressing sexual orientation and gender identity in the classroom β€œin an inappropriate and age-appropriate manner.”


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis speaks at a media conference in early February 2022.

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But opinions about the introduction of this law are divided. Republican Joe Harding said after the introduction that the law does not prohibit spontaneous discussions about sexual orientation or gender identity in schools and kindergartens, it only prevents these topics from being in the curriculum. He is in favor of the article.

What does LGBTQ+ mean?

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The letters LGBTIQ+ stand for lesbian, gay (gay), bisexual, transgender, intersex, and gay. There are many identities and expressions for people who are not straight and/or non-CIS, and new identities and expressions are emerging.

Disney is against the law

On the other hand, the Walt Disney Company, which plays a major role in Florida politics, has stopped the flow of money to the authorities. Following the legislation, the Disney group released a statement. “Our goal as a company is to bypass this law or get it banned by the courts.” Disney will continue to support state and national organizations with the same goal.

LGBT organizations previously called the law the “Don’t Say Gay” law. LGBT Representative Carlos Schmid said the goal was to exclude LGBT people. “And worse, it sends hate signals to the most vulnerable who just need our support.”

The Joe Biden administration wrote on Twitter Monday that it will continue to fight for the honor of all students and families β€” in Florida and everywhere. The President of the United States is against the law.

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