April 25, 2024

Sony starts the year in bright colors with the Bravia X80L

The first new Sony TV of the year is the Bravia X80L. The model offers a wide range of colors, a solid sound and should convince with a number of additional features.

With the Bravia X80L, Sony is launching its first TV for 2023. According to the announcement, the device should score a wide range of colors, powerful sound, and a slew of features.

The X80L features a Triluminos Pro color palette and 4K HDR Processor X1, which analyzes content in real time and can therefore display extreme contrast, brilliant brightness, and natural colors. Dolby Vision instead of the normal HDR standard also creates more realistic images. In the audio department, the X Balanced Speakers should ensure high quality sound with powerful bass.

Bravia X80L can also assert itself in terms of features: Google TV aggregates libraries of various applications and subscriptions for users and thus offers convenience when choosing movies. Apps also include Sony’s Bravia Core app, which provides access to Sony’s high definition movies. With the purchase of the X80L, you get a Bravia Core voucher for five movies in up to 4K resolution, plus 12 months of unlimited streaming.

(Source: zVg)

Sony places particular emphasis on the TV’s gaming capabilities. The X80L can automatically detect when the console is plugged in and powered on. Thanks to HDMI 2.1, the TV switches to an automatic low-latency mode for smoother picture changes. In addition, the device has a special game menu that can be used to quickly change important picture settings such as motion blur or activate the crosshair function.

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Sony offers the Bravia X80L in six different sizes (all prices are RRP):

  • 43 inches for 999 francs
  • 50 inches, 1,099 francs
  • 55 inches for 1199 francs
  • 65 inches for 1399 francs
  • 75 inches for 1,899 francs
  • 85 inches for 2499 francs

The Bravia X80L may be Sony’s first TV of the year, but the manufacturer already has other plans for its XR series of smart TVs. Here you will find an overview of the new models.