July 15, 2024

Some fans are concerned about the lack of features so far

Some fans are concerned about the lack of features so far

from Rhonda Backman
At Starfield Direct this past June, Bethesda revealed a variety of features for the upcoming sci-fi role-playing game. However, there is no information on accessibility yet. In the community, some gamers are now concerned about the studio’s silence.

Players awaiting were able to learn a lot about the upcoming Starfield this past June. In Starfield Direct, the developers in charge led the game through the game, which will be released in September, for about an hour. So the fans learned something about companions in the role-playing game, various weapons, basic construction and the feature of adapting your spaceship to your own taste. However, almost two months before launch, players hardly know anything about accessibility.

Accessibility community concerns about features

As IGN reports, players with disabilities fear September 6th Starfield

“My biggest hope is that accessibility options will be announced as soon as possible,” said Jones, the disability content creator and consultant. “I don’t know if I can play and I really want to get excited about this game which is exactly what I’m looking for both thematically and visually. I’m really excited about this game but can I get excited? Because what if I can’t play?”

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Microsoft already talked about the title’s extensive accessibility options six months before it launched the latest installment in the Forza Motorsport series. In contrast, two months before the scheduled release, players still do not know what features to expect in Starfield. After all, Todd Howard recently confirmed on a podcast that the SciFI role-playing game will have a large print mode.

source: IGN