February 25, 2024

Snowboarding – German triple success in snowboarding in Canada – Sports

Whistler (dpa) – Julia Taubitz won her second World Cup race of the season after the triple success achieved by the German Luger team in Canada. After winning the sprint race a week ago in Lake Placid, the 27-year-old edged out teammates Anna Bereiter and Merle Friebel in the single-seater competition.

After both runs on the 2010 Olympic track, the World Cup winner was 0.11 seconds ahead of 24-year-old world champion Berreiter and 0.113 seconds ahead of 20-year-old Fripple. “It was a great race,” Taubitz said after her 23rd World Cup win. “I’m very happy with it.”

In the last World Cup of the year, German skaters also excelled in other competitions. In women’s doubles, world champions Jessica Degenhardt and Shianne Rosenthal defeated Dajana Ettberger and Saskia Schirmer. In men’s doubles, six-time Olympic champions Tobias Wendl and Tobias Arlt defeated Austrians Thomas Stew and Wolfgang Kindl. Hannes Urlamander and Paul Gubits came in third place.

Langenhan wins again

At the start of the World Cup in Canada, World Cup runner-up Max Langenhahn had already won again. Just like a week ago in Lake Placid, the 24-year-old won the single-seater competition, edging out world champion Jonas Müller of Austria – this time by 0.255 seconds. “I made some small mistakes. I’m very happy that it’s still enough,” Langenhahn said.

In the end, the four German winners also won the relay competition. Julia Taubitz, Wendel/Artl, Langenhahn and Jessica Degenhardt/Cheyenne Rosenthal won the team race ahead of Austria and the USA.

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