December 3, 2023

Snapchat is coming to the big screen

Snapchat is coming to the big screen

The camera app, previously only used on mobile devices, comes with a web version on the “big” computer. Including all functions. But it will still be some time before the start in Germany.

Previously, users of the Snapchat camera app could only use its functionality on mobile devices. Login through the browser was possible, but only the account or settings could be managed in one way or another. It was not possible to chat with friends or use the various filters.
This is now changing. There is now an official web version for Snapchat users that provides most of the functionality: Messaging, chat reactions, chat replies, presence while chatting as well as lenses can be used for video calls. Users can then also send short clips, called snapshots, directly from their computer.

Snapchat is expanding from the smartphone to the big computer.

To access the web version of Snapchat a login via is required with a username and password. Conversations can then continue on the big screen where you left off on mobile. Attention was also paid to data protection and security. This makes it possible to hide the window just by using another job or task on the computer or on the Internet. Secret screenshots are also not possible: if a participant in the conversation wants to take a screenshot, this will be shown to everyone in the conversation.

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