Sky: The customers are angry! Silence after a big announcement – “Tear”

Sky: The customers are angry! Radio silence after a major announcement – ‘I feel robbed’

January 7, 2022 at 7:09 pm

Sky, DAZN, RTL and Co.: where you can watch football matches

Sky, DAZN, RTL and Co.: where you can watch football matches

Watch the German Bundesliga, Champions League and Europa League live on TV. You need more than just a subscription with one of the many providers in Germany. We’ll tell you where to see what!

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DAZN in Sports, Disney + in Movies and Series: Create new and upcoming competitors sky Difficult life right now.

Great cooperation required sky Reply now – but the promise to customers can’t be fulfilled.

Heaven: Peacock cooperation is a long time to come

By the end of last year, Sky wanted to implement streaming service NBC Peacock into its own show. Thousands of movies and series at no extra charge would have greatly upgraded your Sky subscription. But after declaring pride she fell silent.

In July, Sky announced the massive collaboration and promised to include the partner offer by the end of 2021. Months passed, and the turn of the year came to an end – but while Sky has long been able to report its completion in Great Britain, German subscribers are waiting until today on the peacock.

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More: Sky has yet to announce a new schedule and remains silent about the delay.


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Many subscribers are upset now. For many customer inquiries, the company also responded to DER WESTEN with a request for a little patience.

Customers react angrily to secrecy:

  • “It’s just a mess to announce something big and then not deliver.”
  • “Go away and be silent is the motto of heaven.”
  • “I think it is much worse for Sky not to give its customers any information on when Peacock will start in Sky. I feel robbed.”
  • “Sky sometimes isn’t great with her clients. It was all announced too soon. Now you’re pretending you don’t know anything about it.”
  • “Sky broke her word about the integrity of the peacock.”

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