May 19, 2024

Skies of Norway: A giant spiral appears in front of the northern lights.

Nearly a year ago, northern lights hunters spotted a mysterious blue vortex growing larger as it moved across the Alaskan sky. Earlier this week, the light phenomenon occurred again over Norway and Iceland. The same phenomenon also has the same explanation.

A spiral we owe to SpaceX.

On Monday, March 4, SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket from the Vandenberg Space Force Spaceport in California, USA. The mission was to place 53 small satellites into orbit. The upper level was then outsourced. It emptied itself of its fuel and returned to Earth. The maneuvering is absolutely classic.

But when it flew over the Barents Sea, the steam in the exhaust gases turned into an equal number of ice crystals. It was their encounter with the sunlight that created the amazing, glowing vortex.

A phenomenon that can be observed in October 2024.

As SpaceX launches increase, this phenomenon also multiplies.

This has already been observed in New Zealand, East Africa and Hawaii. It could happen again in October. The images could then be even more dramatic, as the northern lights will also be visible, and the meteor shower and Comet Atlas Tsuchenshan could be there as well.

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Editorial team: The Future, written by Natalie Mayer.

Cover image: © Shang Yang, Not much