Eve: First Matter certified hardware and firmware update for existing customers

Smart home appliance maker Eve introduces its first Matter-enabled devices: Eve Energy plug models certified for the new control standard are now available in Europe, the UK and North America. Factory Matter-enabled versions of the Eve Motion Sensor and Eve Door and Window Contact Sensor will be available on April 17. At the same time, free firmware updates will be made available with Matter support for existing HomeKit, Eve Energy, Eve Motion, and Eve Door & Window models.

Matter-enabled devices can be controlled with multiple voice assistants and cross-platform with Apple or Android devices. With the help of a mesh network, where smart home devices are linked together, the devices must be reliably reachable.

Users who already use Eve Thread-enabled products in their smart home and would like to use Matter technology in the future can download a free firmware update using the Eve app for iPhone and iPad. As early as December, the first users had access to beta versions as part of the early access program.

Matter works completely local and without the cloud, which should also apply to Eve and its devices. They work without the manufacturer’s cloud or registration, according to the company. All user and usage data is stored only in encrypted form on iOS and HomeKit devices and in iCloud.

Equipped with food processors, Eve Energy is now available for €39.95. Matter certified Eve Door & Window and Eve Motion models will be available from April 17th for €49.95.

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