April 23, 2024

Shortly before her 38th birthday: American actress Marnischulenberg died

Shortly before her thirty-eighth birthday
American actress Marnischulenberg dies

Marnieschulenburg is known for her roles in American soap operas. Just a few months after giving birth to her daughter, the actress was diagnosed with breast cancer. A few days before her thirty-eighth birthday, the actress died due to her illness.

The American actress Marnisholnburg has died, and her spokesman confirmed this to the Hollywood Reporter and others. She is said to have lost her battle against metastatic breast cancer at just 37 years old. Schulenburg would have turned 38 on Saturday.

In the United States, Schulenberg was primarily a popular soap actress. In the hit series “Young and Passionate – How Life Works” she played one of the main characters, Alison Stewart, until it was canceled in 2010. She also played the recurring role of Joe Sullivan in the TV series “Love, Lie, Passion” for a longer period of time .

The diagnosis is made shortly after birth

In May 2020, Schulenberg announced her breast cancer diagnosis, just five months after giving birth to her first daughter. According to her, doctors initially thought it was an infection of the mammary gland. On Instagram at the time, she described her cancer as “a more insidious inflammatory breast cancer that doesn't look like a typical breast cancer, is more aggressive, affects younger women and masquerades as an infection during breastfeeding.”

The actress leaves behind her husband, fellow actor Zach Robidas, and their two-year-old daughter, Koda. Just a few days ago, Schulenberg spoke out on Instagram with an emotional Mother's Day post. She was discharged from the hospital and sent home on an oxygen machine. However, she wants to be strong and beautiful for her daughter: “I want to show her how to move in this world with compassion, strength, vitality, humor and joy, just as my mother showed me.”

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