May 22, 2024

Schuller & Company presents a new version of its bocad 2024 design solution

The release of structural engineering design and planning software bocad 2024 promises improvements to the user interface, BIM capabilities, collaboration, quality assurance and flexible working.

When the cursor hovers over the desired item, it is highlighted in color in all views and graphics.

Image: Schuler & Company

bocad software supports designers and engineers in creating digital models, integration into BIM projects, automated labels, manufacturing and assembly drawings as well as digital order files. The program covers the areas of steel, wood and facade construction as well as marine systems and mast building. According to the manufacturer, all new functions in BOCAD 2024 increase ease of use and speed of work, as well as data exchange between project participants.

SmartInfo provides information about components

The new version contains SmartInfo. SmartInfo extends intelligent functionality with a turbo database query for model validation, which ultimately serves quality assurance. SmartInfo instantly displays information about a component or screw when the cursor identifies the desired item – a selection that is highlighted by color in all views and graphics. Information such as position number, material or profile is individually configured by the user. The function can be easily turned on and off using the F1/2 key. Designers themselves determine when they need information and in what form.