February 29, 2024

Samsung is showing off “The Link” display concept at CES 2024

At CES this year, Samsung surprised everyone by introducing a new display called “The Link.” The device offers a type of daisy chain technology, thanks to which multiple displays can be linked magnetically and without cables.

Magnetic connection for extended screenH

The special feature of “The Link” is that it allows you to connect other displays of the same type using a daisy chain. Electricity and data are transmitted via Integrated pogo pins, allowing for wireless setup. Samsung has not yet released information about the maximum number of displays that can be connected together.

The monitor has an ultra-slim design supported by a T-shaped stand. Although this stand raises the screen to a good viewing height, it limits the ability to adjust the height and tilt. The bottom end of the screen is wider to accommodate the necessary technology and built-in speakers.

Image: Samsung

32-inch 4K screen

According to Samsung, “The Link” provides ports such as HDMI, USB-C, and a power port. About the specific properties of 32 inch LCD monitors with 4K resolution There is only limited information available so far. Connectivity technology allows expanded screen space without additional cables. The screen's thin bezels ensure an almost seamless picture in a multi-monitor setup. Since 2The Link so far only about Concept The company also did not announce any information about pricing or availability.


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