February 29, 2024

WhatsApp: Polls in channels for more interaction

Polls in WhatsApp groups are part of everyday life. Now they too should find their way into the channels – interactively and with a focus on data protection.

Such as a blog specialized in WhatsApp WABetaInfo reports, Meta's subsidiary, is currently developing a feature that will allow channel admins to create surveys. Early beta testers have already been allowed to use this functionality. The new feature greatly expands communication options for creators and provides an efficient way to communicate with followers.

Since early fall 2023, channels on WhatsApp have provided creators, clubs, businesses, and individuals another platform to send important updates to fans and friends. It is a one-way communication tool that only allows messages from the channel admin. With the introduction of polls, channel owners can now also get direct feedback and opinions from their followers.

Poll in the WhatsApp channel, © WABetaInfo

As can be seen in the screenshot, surveys can be designed flexibly. Channel owners have the option to limit selection to a single answer option to give their followers an accurate vote or to allow multiple answers.

Responses from channel followers remain anonymous during voting, with participants only able to see the total number of votes without knowing the exact identity of the participants. Channel administrators also have no idea about the individual answers of the participants. The new survey functionality is currently in beta testing and will be rolled out to additional users in the coming days.

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