March 2, 2024

Russia supports Serbia in the conflict with Kosovo

Russia supports Serbia in the conflict with Kosovo

The new entry rules have caused tensions on the border between Kosovo and Serbia. Russia expressed its support for Serbia.


The basics in brief

  • The new travel rules for Serbs living in Kosovo created tension.
  • Russia pledged its support to Serbia.
  • The allegations are “completely unjustified”.

Russia assured friendly Serbia of its support in the conflict with neighboring Kosovo. “We fully support Serbia,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov was quoted by the Interfax news agency in Moscow as saying.

“We support the peaceful and constructive position of Belgrade in this regard,” he added. new Kosovo travel rules A Kremlin spokesman described the “surviving Serbs, which led to serious tensions at the weekend”, as “totally unjustified demands” on the part of Kosovo. The new rules state that Serbian identity documents will not be recognized at border crossings.

Instead, a temporary document should be issued to Serbs starting Monday. The Kosovar authorities justify this by a similar measure by the Serbian authorities when Kosovar citizens cross the border.

Travel rules suspended after protests

In response to the Protest The hardline Serb organization in Kosovo announced Monday night that it would suspend travel rules for the time being. Angry people had previously set up barricades in northern Kosovo, which is mainly inhabited by Serbs. In addition, shots were reportedly fired in the direction of the Kosovo police officers.

In 1999, Kosovo, which is now almost exclusively inhabited by Albanians, NATO– Aid broke away from Serbia and declared its independence in 2008. More than 100 countries, including Germany, have recognized Kosovo’s independence – and Russia is not one of them.

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