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You chose the wrong country when booking. She must pay the entire car rent for this.

Costa Rica has an international airport in San Jose – the same is true for California. This shouldn’t be so widely known, and so an Avis car rental customer wasn’t aware of it either. So I mistakenly booked an online rental car for California instead of Costa Rica. Upon arriving in Costa Rica, the Avis employee didn’t find her name on his list either.

He took a quick look at her booking form and said this error is happening over and over again. There is no country in the Avis address either, which is why the customer only noticed the error in the site.

Customer service does not see any problem at first

The woman then canceled the reservation via email and also called Avis customer service to confirm the cancellation. She was told that all is well, she will get back about 1,800 francs in the five-week tour in the next few weeks.

I am totally disappointed with the way Avis does business.

But the money never reached her. I called customer service several times. Once I told her that a refund was not a problem, her request was denied again. “I am completely disappointed with the way Avis is doing business,” says the long-term customer.

She is an experienced traveler and has never experienced anything like this before. Then the consumer magazine SRF “Espresso” reported to the press department of the Avis Budget Group. Shortly thereafter, the customer receives another email from customer service saying that they must report their case to the European Conciliation Council (ECRCS).

It is the customer’s responsibility to choose the correct pickup location.

Avis couldn’t do more: “It is the customer’s responsibility to choose the correct pickup location.” The customer says it is her fault and Avis does not have to give her a full refund. But the waiver would be fair for this high amount.

Press office and customer service at odds

It appears that the press department of the Avis Budget Group agrees and writes “Espresso” that it will reimburse the customer for the down payment. You only need to pay the cancellation fee of approximately 80 francs.

It is not clear if and when the customer will actually receive the funds. In any case, she has not received any francs to this day.

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