June 22, 2024

Boats must be moved due to low tide

Boats must be moved due to low tide

The water level in Lake Constance is currently very low. That’s why boats must be moved or even taken out of the water completely.


The basics in brief

  • In Lake Constance, boats have to be taken out due to low water.
  • The western bank of the bulk of the water was drained for 14 days.

The low water makes for stunning pictures of Lake Constance. Many boats are stranded and therefore have to be brought ashore. This is particularly the case on the western shore of the lake.

This confirms, the harbor director in the municipality of Moss (Constanz province), Martin Graf, “We have been out of the water constantly for 14 days. Our boat is not actually where it should be any longer.”

About a third of the boats in about 400 berths have either been moved or left the ship Water was taken. «There are low levels of water from time to time, but Usually not at this time of year.”

Also on the island of Reichenau, the first boat owners are stranded again. This was before the start of the summer holidays in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria.

About 50 boats from more than 260 boats are in the island’s port from Water has been brought. Because otherwise they would have escaped, said Franz Eigenhofer, head of the harbor. Many owners are upset.

The seasonal record for the lowest water level in Lake Constance is about to be reached

Anyone who has to look for another boat dock due to low water has bad cards. “Currently we have many boat owners from other ports who have to get out there because the sub is not enough anymore.” A spokeswoman said largest port in Lake Constance, above sea marina in Kresbronn.

The situation there is not problematic because the harbor basin, which was a gravel pit, is very deep. “Unfortunately, we are full and we have to refuse these requests.”

At the end of the week, the level of the lake in Constance was according to the State Institute environment Baden-Württemberg at an altitude of less than 3.30 metres. from the seasonal record For low tide, it’s only about ten centimeters away.

The Authority suspects: the lowest value for this season (3.17 meters) from 1949 and 1876 summer or Fall «Check or undermine». This is if a little rain continues.

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