Russia denies the existence of alternative airlines to Moscow

EU airlines should avoid airspace over Belarus. However, Russia does not seem to agree to alternative routes to Moscow for some airlines.

The basics are in brief

  • The European Union has instructed airlines to avoid airspace over Belarus.
  • However, Russia does not seem to agree to any alternative routes to Moscow.
  • The lack of understanding between the authorities in France and Austria, for example, is a great deal.

Both Austrian society Austrian Airlines So are the French Air France According to media reports on Thursday, flights to the Russian capital were canceled.

Austrian news agency APA reported that a scheduled flight from Vienna to Moscow scheduled for Thursday had been canceled due to Russian The authorities did not give permission To fly around Belarus. Advance for this reason too Air FranceFlights from Paris to Moscow have been canceled.

In response to the emergency landing of a passenger plane and the arrest of a government critic Roman Protasewitch On a Sunday in Minsk it was European Union A new package of sanctions was imposed on Belarus on Tuesday. Additionally, the airline was headquartered at I Request to avoid airspace over Belarus.

According to AFP, SNPL confirmed that changes to flight schedules between France and Russia will have to be requested from the Russian authorities. And while responses to these types of inquiries are usually accepted straight away, there has been a broadcast silence over the past two days. Due to the lack of permission to fly over Russian airspace, the flights had to be canceled.

“The Russian reaction is completely incomprehensible to us,” the Austrian Foreign Ministry told APA. And it said in a statement that Russia is called upon “not to artificially impede the free air traffic between Russia and Europe.”

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