April 23, 2024

Room control and multimedia for hotels

Room control and multimedia for hotels

The RFID card key, which is available in many designs, activates the required functions by inserting the room card. According to the manufacturer, activation using dummy cards should not be possible. The follow-up time for lighting or heating as well as the LED brightness can be set using the individually adjustable relay outputs. The RFID card key can also be combined with room control thanks to the two electronic switching outputs.

The electronic button can combine different functions such as switching, dimming or blind control in a space-saving way. It is suitable for embedded devices with dual inputs and connection to decentralized room consoles. Electronic buttons with separately addressable LEDs are available as single, double and triple versions, as well as DND/MUR (Do Not Disturb/Makeup Room) switches. Can connect to existing KNX or other bus systems.

Multimedia Connector combines the most common multimedia requirements. In a standard installation, for example, the TV can be used as a second monitor via HDMI connections and audio files from a smartphone or tablet can be played on the TV. Mobile peripherals can be charged via the USB output, and the built-in Bluetooth interface enables music transfer and playback. Media technology or speakers can be controlled with an extended, combinable installation.

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