September 30, 2023

Robert Habeck in Hoch - The Holiday Agency That Steals The Show From Olaf Schultz - News

Robert Habeck in Hoch – The Holiday Agency That Steals The Show From Olaf Schultz – News


A confident boss is someone who does not interfere during the holidays. He knows: the deputy is in place, everything is fine, and finally free time has come.

The fact is that the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany simply cannot delete the Outlook application on the phone during holidays – it must be accessible. In an emergency situation, this makes sense.

The political star steals the show from his boss

But then it happened in the middle of last week that Chancellor Schulz cut short his vacation in the Allgäu, flew to Berlin in a helicopter, 720 kilometers away, and gave a press conference. It was about rescuing the gas company Uniper, which was on the brink of the energy crisis.

Schulze’s vacation agency, Robert Habeck, could have done it, after all, he’s the economy and climate minister. But Schulze, the chief, came himself, and he didn’t want that show to be stolen from him either. From green political star Robert Habeck.

Habek knows what makes him likable

Every third person in Germany would like a North German to be a chancellor. Everyone who meets and hears him in person is enthusiastic in most cases. One could say that Habek exudes charm, he shows himself primarily as a person and not as a minister. He admits when he doesn’t know something. If he doesn’t have important details at a press conference, he turns to his Secretary of State Patrick Gration and says, “Tell me, Patrick, you know better.” In fact, Patrick knows best. Habeck prides itself on having smart people on the team. Others will not allow sunlight over the employee’s head.

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Habek doesn’t care. He might even know that he makes him likable. The Minister of Economy and Climate is surfing a wave of success. Thanks to him and to Secretary of State Annallina Barbock, the Greens have long left the party of leader Schulz in the polls.

The test is yet to come

Habeck has perhaps one of the most difficult jobs for German politics to perform: Habeck has to regulate gas to replace Russian stuff. He has to clean the doorknobs, shake hands with the absolutely flawless Democrats. Later he also says that it was difficult.

In addition, he has to expect the unbelievable from his party: let the coal-fired power plants run longer. Building liquid gas stations. Nuclear power plants may enter ‘extended mode’. as green. And what does his party do? She mostly swallows it. Habek explained it to everyone again.

It is difficult to walk the path to the executive chair in the Chancellery. But the real test is yet to come, when it’s too cold in living rooms and businesses in the winter, Habik has to do the trick. Hardcore Realpolitik. Opposition is already lurking – not least Habeck’s fiercest rival in government, FDP Finance Minister Christian Lindner.

They are all waiting for Habeck to make mistakes he can no longer explain, greater than his oratorical talent.

Habeck is in the middle again – perhaps this is Olaf Schulz’s secret dream. Until the holidays are and the holidays remain again. Fortunately, it’s over on Friday this year.