March 3, 2024

Rob Gronkowski says he wants to play again for Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2021

Tampa, Florida – The “Tommy and Grunky Show” will be back for another season if the two are on their way.

Tampa Bay Pirate Narrow End Rob Gronkowski Sunday he said he wants to return in 2021 after coming out of retirement to join Best Pal Tom Brady this chapter.

“Yes, you should,” said Gronkowski Sunday in an interview with former NFL Patriot Willy McGuinst. “I feel like this team is built to win now. It’s assembled this year to win now. It always crosses your mind; you think a little ahead of the future – I can definitely see this team as there is a lot of talent coming back and running again with success next year.” , Also “.

Gronkowski was asked 11 days ago if he would return. But at that time, he couldn’t answer conclusively.

“It’s just the start of the qualifiers now,” said Gronkowski, before Tampa Bay’s victory over Washington, a match in which he had no catches but played a key role in keeping Brady clean in the pocket. “There’s always time for that. The time to think about that is after the season is over.”

Turns out he’s already made up his mind, even as Bucs continues to chase the playoffs, facing New Orleans Saints Sunday in the NFC Division Round, the team that swept them 2-0 in the regular season.

“This time it should be different,” said Gronkowski. “We didn’t really get that much success against them, especially in the second game. They totally hit our butts. But the third time is great. We have to go there and we have to play our best if we want a chance to win.”

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Brady and Gronkowski also have a chance to smash Joe Montana and Jerry Rice’s posteason record for most of the drop between QB and takeoff goal.

“It’s time [to break that tie]”Gronkowski said.” We are in the playoffs. It didn’t happen last week. I have another chance this week. You know I’m going for it, baby. You know we’re going for that record. … it should happen. “

Bucs has several key players who are hired to become Untied Free Agents after the season at Gronkowski, Antonio BrownAnd the Leonard FortniteAnd the Chuck BarrettAnd the Lafonte David And the Nadamkong Suh, But they’ll have nearly $ 30 million in salary cap space – eighth most in the league.

Gronkowski was also asked about the difference between Bruce Arians and Bill Bilesik.

He said, “They are both great coaches for sure. I love getting coaching, but one of the biggest things I would just say is … freedom! The freedom to be yourself with the coaches.”