June 20, 2024

Roadblocks: Climate Adhesives Take Three Weeks Off


German climate posters on vacation – the Swiss continue to protest

The Last Generation suspends its activities for the next three weeks. Renovate Switzerland wants to continue blocking roads.


At Easter, activists from the “Renewal of Switzerland” banned Gotthard. For the summer holidays, traffic to the south is back now again – Swiss activists could be planning another blockade here.

Twitter / Renew Switzerland

  • Germany’s “last generation” climate stickers have gone on vacation for three weeks.

  • During this time, regional groups and their chairmen should be able to take vacations, and no inquiries from the media will be answered.

  • Renovate Switzerland says on demand that action is also planned in the coming weeks.

Members of the “last generation” repeatedly cause dissatisfaction with their barricades in Germany – most recently because People on the runway around several flights from Hamburg Dusseldorf was canceled after climate stickers scaled security fences and invaded runways. In mid-July, there were several sieges across the country, on its outskirts A man was seriously injured in a rear-end collision.

It’s time to “grow together and rest”

But for the next three weeks No more splattered planes and dead ends, such as “photo” reports. According to an internal “last generation” document owned by the newspaper, the time from July 15 to August 5 should be used to “grow together and rest.” Regional groups and the core team of the organization are allowed to take vacations during this time, and no communication should take place on the Twitter channel or via the media spokesperson during these vacations. Lectures and training must continue to bond.

What is called the “last generation” in Germany is called the “regeneration of Switzerland” in this country. Members of the group regularly stick out in the streets and, according to their own statement, are protesting for more decisive action against climate change. But will Swiss streets also remain free of adhesives and activists in the coming weeks?

Police prevent activists from protesting

On request for 20 Minutes, Selina Lerch shared her job as a media spokesperson “Switzerland renovation” so that the group did not plan holidays Owns. On Saturday, a number of activists met for a surprise protest rally in Sion. About an hour after the demonstration began, the activists said they were checked by police, who then confiscated protest materials.

to me More activities are planned for the next few weeksAccording to Lerch. So while the Last Generation pauses its climate fight, the Swiss activists want to continue protesting – and thus most likely ban them too. However, some members treat themselves to holidays: for example, Max Voigtli, one of the group’s press officerson his trip to Mexico for discussions.

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