September 30, 2023

“Icon of the Seas” is the largest cruise ship in the world – and it has an ice rink

Icon of the Seas is scheduled to set sail in 2024.

Royal Caribbean International Limited

It’s a ship of superlatives: Icon of the Seas is set to sail next year with just about everything on board: Anyone who wants to travel with it needs a lot of money – but presumably not to have a bad conscience after that.

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  • The world’s largest cruise ship, Icon of the Seas, is being built in Finland. It is scheduled to sail in 2024.
  • It provides space for a total of 7,600 guests and 2,350 crew members.
  • “Icon of the Seas” features 20 restaurants, a high ropes course, an ice rink and a tree-lined garden.

Icon of the Seas, the world’s largest cruise ship, is currently under construction at Finland’s Meyer Turku shipyard – and almost complete.

The floating giant has already completed its first test drive in the Baltic Sea and will soon be flying across oceans with nearly 10,000 people on board.

7,600 guests and an ice rink

The cruise ship is so big that it takes a while to get from one to the other – 365 meters long and 50 meters wide. The Code of the Seas provides space for a total of 7,600 guests, as well as 2,350 crew members.

Anyone who studies the Royal Carribean International website inevitably comes to the conclusion: you never have to set foot on the ground again. The list of amenities includes over 20 restaurants, a high ropes course, a water park, a garden planted with real trees, plus: an ice rink.

Anyone who still wants to go to the beach can do so anyway. According to the website, two seven-night itineraries are currently planned. It starts in Miami, then sails along the Caribbean with various stops either west or east.

The largest cruise ship in the world with a capacity of 7,600 guests.
The largest cruise ship in the world with a capacity of 7,600 guests.

Royal Caribbean International Limited

Cruises in times of climate change?

The Icon of the Seas will sail in all its preferences, while climate change is already making its mark in some regions of the world. In addition to planes, cruise ships also have a particularly bad reputation when it comes to climate damage. Your greenhouse gas emissions are huge.

However, according to Royal Caribbean International, passengers need not worry. After all, “Icon of the Seas” according to the company blog effective. The ship will be run on liquid gas, and, according to the company, “additional environmentally friendly applications” will reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The cheapest tickets have been sold out

Surely, this cruise costs a lot of money. After all, the ship was very expensive, and the ice rink required a lot of energy, and it was very expensive.

So the tickets aren’t exactly cheap. But there is no lack of interest. Many classes sold well in the coming year.

If you don’t feel like waiting that long, you can still get access to balcony cabins or suites: prices start at 9,440 francs – per person, of course.