weather indicator. There will be severe thunderstorms until Friday – and local flooding likely.

Fire brigades and volunteers have successfully battled several wildfires in northern Spain. In the Autonomous Region of Navarra, a fire was brought under control near the town of Galibenzo, about 20 km south of Pamplona, ​​on Tuesday night, Diario de Navarre newspaper reported Tuesday. There are still many wildfires in the area, and the residents of the towns of Lerga, Olita, Islava, MacQuerean, Galibenzo Viejo, Sansuen, Amarín and Jalipenso Nuevo had to take precautionary measures. About 3,300 hectares of forest in the area have been burned since Friday.

However, there is hope that the situation will improve soon. However, the actual bushfire season in July and August is still to come. Pedro Urea of ​​the Navarre Meteorological Institute said that due to the fact that it was very dry in May and June, the risk of wildfires would remain “extremely high”.

Spain: Forest fires erupt in Navarra

In many areas of the country, drought and winds have stimulated the outbreak of vegetation fires. Over 25,000 hectares of burned land in Sierra de la Culebra.


Heat waves are becoming more frequent, earlier and more intense in Spain. The absolute record was measured last August in Montoro in Andalusia: 47.4 degrees. Experts attribute this development to man-made climate change and predict higher temperatures in the future. The past few days witnessed a heat wave in which temperatures reached 40 degrees.

Smoke envelopes the city of San Martin in northern Spain on June 19, 2022, after wildfires.

Photo: Keystone

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