December 5, 2023

Recognize warning signs early and act

As you get older, your back can get worse Slowly distorted. Outward, it will be there on the back of your body The hunchback tangible. Then it may be necessary for you… floor He goes. The back can be bent Different reason to have. But what are they? And what can you do? Preventive Do?

Causes of back curvature

the back bend It is also used in medicine Kyphosis Named. As a rule, the curvature of the spine begins inconspicuously. So it doesn’t happen from day to day that you have to walk with a bent top using a cane. But it is slow and Gradual process. Why the process begins is not clear Three main reasons Leads back. Reverse Andreas Kurth, Chief Physician for Orthopedics and Orthopedics at Mittlerrhein Community Hospital in Koblenz and President of the Comprehensive Osteopathic Organization (DVO), reveals the three reasons:

  • the Age-related bone and muscle loss
  • the Flexibility of intervertebral discs Decreases with age
  • Spinal fractures As a result of osteoporosis

According to Kurth, people lose weight starting around the age of 40 About one percent every year Bone and muscle mass. If you’re 70, your bone and muscle mass are 30 percent less than they were when you were 40. As a result, walking upright becomes more and more stressful. According to Kurth, if back muscles are increasingly lost, the susceptibility to vertebral bone fractures also increases. In addition, the flexibility of intervertebral discs decreases with age, leading to… Overload on the bones of the spine He can drive. This negatively affects the stability of your spine.

Osteoporosis as a risk factor

Osteoporosis It is one of the most common bone diseases In old age. This depends identification From the University of Osteology Organization A systemic skeletal disease characterized by decreased bone mass and deterioration of the microstructure of bone tissue. This results in decreased bone fracture strength. It has it in Germany around 5.2 million Women and 1.1 million Men over the age of 50 suffer from osteoporosis.

There are bones Less resistant to breakage Bone fractures associated with osteoporosis can occur. The most common fractures are: Vertebral body In the lumbar spine, the femoral neck and radius of the wrist are affected. Osteoporosis is a disease that begins slowly. So you may not notice it at first. There are many vertebral body fractures, The vertebral bodies collapse into a wedge shape. Then the spine loses its original shape. The more vertebrae are affected, the more serious it is Height reduction And one back bend.

In the context of osteoporosis, vertebral fractures can occur Even with a little effort Speak fall appear. Spinal fractures often go undetected, but are interpreted as minor back pain. However, it is increasing Risk For more fractures if the fractures remain undetected and untreated. The center of gravity of the body can increasingly shift forward and a pronounced curvature of the back occurs. Skeletal curvature can also cause Flatulence Driving. This is also known colloquially as the “osteoporosis belly.” Spinal deformity can be clearly recognized externally during osteoporosis. Typical features are a reduction in body size of up to 10 cm and that Excess skin drooping On either side of the spine. This excess skin becomes visible when it shrinks. The characteristic skin folds are also known colloquially as the “Christmas tree phenomenon.”

Spinal fractures: how to treat them

It is important to seek medical care for back pain can be clarified. In this way, osteoporosis can be confirmed or ruled out. Osteoporosis can be treated using various measures. The goal is to straighten the torso again. One way to do this is one Orthotics In the form of a support bodice. Supportive corsets are available in different designs. Depending on the severity of your osteoporosis, a different back orthosis may be appropriate. It is best to ask your family doctor first, who can refer you to an appropriate specialist if necessary.

If you are experiencing severe pain due to spinal fractures, it may be… surgery become necessary. As Kurth explains, the bony vertebrae are filled with cement and stabilized. Patients usually feel pain-free only a few days after the procedure.

In addition to surgery and orthotics, one can do this Physical therapy Helps strengthen damaged muscles. Strengthening the back and abdominal muscles effectively relieves pressure on the spine. Further fractures can also be prevented through physical therapy. In case of vertebral fractures caused by osteoporosis, medication is often used. These can help rebuild bones. It is important that you take all measures with you Your doctor.

Against back bends: This is what you can do to prevent it

Basically, loss of bone and muscle mass occurs with age Natural process. However, there are certain things you can do… To face changes. This means you can live longer without symptoms. Among other things, these things can help:

  • on Upright and upright posture consideration
  • the Back and abdominal muscles equally training, For example by swimming
  • Children can actually use desks that ‘grow with them’

Perhaps the most important aspect is physical activity. Diet also plays a crucial role in bone health, Kurth points out. Mineral Calcium Especially important here. protein It is also essential because the body needs it to build muscle. So you should make sure to include foods that contain calcium and protein in your daily life. Too much calcium You can find it, for example, in milk, Edam cheese, figs, and walnuts. You can find protein in chicken breast fillets, peanuts, soybeans or Parmesan, among others. It should go further Take vitamin D It is guaranteed. Our body produces Vitamin D with the help of sunlight. You can also help meet your needs by eating one or two servings of fish per week. For example, herring, salmon, halibut, sardines, and tuna are higher in vitamin D. If you are not sure whether your vitamin D needs are being optimally met, you can use your own doctor Talk about the right tablets. They will be prescribed for you if necessary.

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