June 14, 2024

Rashid Moore near Frankfurt Skyliners on a hammock

Rashid Moore near Frankfurt Skyliners on a hammock

RAshid Moore has garnered benefits as a professional basketball player in recent years out of the limelight. In 2018, the powerful Fraport Skyliners striker wearing the Felingen Schwininger shirt was voted MVP (MVP in the Regional League). After advancing with the Black Forest, he was named Pro B’s best player a year later. And again progressing again later, Moore was among the top Pro A professionals of 2020 on the “Eurobasket.com” section The second section is.

Only this year there will be nothing for the 25-year-old to take home an award. But as a coach in the German Bundesliga, that is not what he wants in the new phase. Moore, from Pennsylvania, who has risen to the top scorer for his team three times in a row in the Black Forest, took the first step towards maturing among the best and gaining a foothold with his skills. In Skyliners, the versatile striker is the third best shooter with 10.5 points per game. Wanted on the ground: With an average playing time of just under 28 minutes, the winger is fourth in the internal stats.

It does not comply with the norm

Moore’s career path in Germany is not the norm. Many professionals from the United States do not bear the trouble of making their way through the lower divisions with great steadfastness. But Moore had this perseverance, it wasn’t good for her. “These years have been very informative and full of experiences. I had ups and downs, and it wasn’t always easy,” he said.

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The fact that he chose his job here already turns out to be extraordinary. Because the force with a height of 1.98 meters was supposed to start her European career in the famous Greek club Aries Thessaloniki. But the change brought nothing. Moore did not end up in Athens, but in a basketball district in the Black Forest. There he steadily grew up with his duties as figurehead of the club. “Rasheed is what defines us as a club: We are convinced that we can play basketball successfully through hard work and personality,” said coach Allen Felcic when he said goodbye to Moore.

With great interest, Moore also increased his three-man share from 31.4 percent in the regional league to 39.3 percent in Pro A. Before the Skyliners’ home game this Sunday (3pm) against Alba Berlin, his success rate was 35.6 percent of. distance. Action-ready, scalable and inexpensive – Moore is a special kind of player for head coach Sebastian Gleem. I am very satisfied with Rasheed’s development. He was planned as a backer behind Richard Freudenberg in fourth and Quantiz Robertson in third. So far he has solved that perfectly. What could Moore do better? He has to improve defensively and learn above all to make faster and better decisions.