June 17, 2024

Catherine Offner

Catherine Offner is fourth at the end of the season at Vesonaz – Rohrwick 5th

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Catherine Offner narrowly missed on her third podium of the season in the Roller Skating World Cup Final in Viesonaz (Switzerland) on Sunday! The Styrian, who celebrated her first World Cup victory in Val Turin (France) in December and finished third in Sunny Valley (Russia) the previous week, reached the grand final in the last race of the winter and landed there behind Sweden’s Sandra Naslund, the Swiss Vanni. Smith and French Alize Baron fourth place.

In the World Cup as a whole, Offner finished fifth with 439 points. The winner of the Crystal Ball was already Fanny Smith (945) before the end of the season. “Fourth place is a good result, but unfortunately not a platform. I have reached the Grand Final four times this season and have definitely taken a few steps forward. But I also know that there is still room for improvement in some areas, and we need to work on that with the goal of the next Olympic season,” Catherine Offner summarized.

In the men’s category, Johannes Rorwick of Upper Austria was the winner of the junior final as ÖSV best athlete in fifth place overall. Adam Capacher of Salzburg came third in the quarter-finals and was ninth in the final standings, thereby achieving the third best ten results for ÖSV. Styrian Robert Winkler (13th) also reached the quarter-finals, for lower Austrian Johannes Ojeski, Styrian Sandro Siebenhofer and Austrian senior Daniel Traxler (all 25), however, he was the final destination in the opening round. Florian Wilsmann (Germany) beat Jonathan Medall (France) and Tim Hroneck (Germany).

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With fifth place in Veysonnaz, Johannes Rohrweck reached the top ten in the World Cup all-around with 280 points. “Although it was not enough for the grand finale, it was a good end to the season. The race track was exciting as many candidates faltered early and a few other drivers, who were not on the list, competed for the top spots.” Rorwick: “For next season, our goal should be to go forward as a team.”

Other ÖSV Men’s World Cup Finals: 13 Robert Winkler, 21 Adam Capacher, 22 Daniel Traxler, 25 Johannes Ojeski, 27 Sandro Siebenhofer. The World Cup winner was Canadian Reese Houdin, who has won four of the 11 races this season with 691 points. Austria finished fourth in the 2020/21 Skiros Cup, behind Switzerland, France and Canada.

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