Queen Elizabeth II exhibits at the Horse Show

After the absence when Parliament opens: The Queen shows herself at the horse exhibition

KiteQueen Elizabeth II personally inspected her horses at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. Horse aficionados shone with joy at a traditional event at his Windsor Castle residential park near London on Friday. The 96-year-old canceled the parliamentary opening ceremony in London on Tuesday due to ill health – only for the third time in his 70-year rule. Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, represented his mother. It was then speculated that the Queen would not be coming to the horse show either.

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That’s what the queen wore

Elizabeth, wearing tinted glasses, was taken by SUV to the grounds near the castle. There, he sat in the passenger seat and spoke to many people believed to be in charge of the show through the open car window. The Queen is a horse lover and has many animals.

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This year marks the 70th anniversary of the throne

The Queen is celebrating her 70th throne anniversary this year. He recently canceled several events due to movement issues. Most recently, the King appeared publicly at the end of March at a memorial service for her husband, Prince Philip, who died in 2021.

RND / dpa

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