Public Dispute Spreads After Notice of Termination

Due to poor working conditions, nine employees of the Burger King branch have resigned. Draws the attention of customers to this with a sign.

The basics in brief

  • On the weekend, the Burger King banner read, “We quit.”
  • The staff wanted to apologize to the customers that there was no one in the store.
  • The photo spread on social media, which was also seen by the heads of the restaurant.

Employees at Lincoln in Nebraska, USA branch of BURGER KING INTERNAL DISPUTE carried to the audience.

Sometimes the sign in front of the fast food store reads in large letters: “We all stopped” and “Sorry for the inconvenience.” The embassy had to be removed on Saturday because the bar bosses put up the picture Facebook social networking site have seen.

It appears that nine people have already dumped the begging, according to KLKN. The critical factors were poor working conditions and management.

Opposite the TV station says Former Managing DirectorThey worked 50 to 60 hours a week.

What do you think of the reaction of the former employees?

The notion with the sign was actually an apology to Burger King customers. The former employees wanted to show they were sorry that no one worked there. They never thought that the message would spread on social networks.

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