December 6, 2023

Propster and Hashimoto surprise in TCL editorial

Lavreysen with maximum return on Mallorca

By Felix Mathis and Peter Maurer (Mallorca)

The four leaders after the first TCL evening: Lafresne, Hashimoto, Archibald and Propster (from left to right). | Image: SWPix / Champions League Track

October 22, 2023 | (rsn) – Alyssa Catriona Propster, Katie Archibald, Harry Lafresne and Iya Hashimoto are the top four finishers in the track champions league. They took the most points in their categories in Mallorca in the first event of the 2023 season. While Archibald and Lafresne lived up to their roles as favourites, Propster in the women’s Speed ​​League and Hashimoto in the men’s Endurance League caused upsets.

22-year-old German Propster won the sprint championship defeating world champion Emma Finucane in a duel in the final before coming third in the keirin later in the evening – behind world keirin champion Elise Andrews and Martha Bayona.

Propster has 35 points, Bayona 32 and Andrews 30. Fourth in the overall Sprint League standings is Finucane with 24 points, ahead of Olympic sprint champion Kelsey Mitchell (21 points).

Hashimoto won the scratch and finished fifth in an elimination race that had to be stopped after a mass fall and resumed about an hour later. The only German player to have started this year’s Champions League season, Theo Reinhart, also featured in the fall. He suffered a tear and had to abandon the evening.

Lavreysen with a flawless opening evening

Japanese Hashimoto leads with 31 points, six points ahead of Canadian Dylan Bebic, who won the elimination race. Third place in the men’s endurance league is Belgian Tour Denis (24 points).

In the women’s race, American Lily Williams initially won the scratch race ahead of Archibald, but then she had the largest number of reserves in the elimination race and defeated Norwegian Anita Stenberg and Williams. In the overall standings of the Women’s Endurance League, Archibald leads with 37 points, ahead of Williams (35), Stenberg (30 points) and Canadian Maggie Coles-Lester (28 points).

Harry Lavresen had a perfect evening. The world sprint champion dominated his races and secured the maximum number of points of 40 points. This means that he is already ten points ahead of Frenchman Tom Dirac. Defending champion Matthew Richardson is already 14 points behind as he met Lafresne in the semi-finals of the sprint tournament and was eliminated, losing a lot of ground.

Women’s Speed ​​League:
1. Alyssa Catriona Propster (Germany) 35 points
2. Martha Bayona (Colombia) 32
3. Elsie Andrews (New Zealand) 30
4. Emma Finucane (Great Britain) 24
5. Kelsey Mitchell (Canada) 21

Men’s Sprint League:
1. Harry Lavresen (Netherlands) 40
2. Tom Derasche (France) 30
3- Matthew Richardson (Australia) 26
4. Mateusz Rodek (Poland) 21
5. Kevin Santiago Quintero (Colombia) 20

Women’s Endurance League:
1. Katie Archibald (Great Britain) 37
2. Lily Williams (USA) 35
3. Anita Stenberg (Norway) 30
4. Maggie Coles Leicester (Canada) 28
5. Daniel Khan (Great Britain) 21

Men’s Endurance League:
1- Iya Hashimoto (Japan) 31
2-Dylan Pepik (Canada) 25
3. Tour Dens (Belgium) 24
4. Sebastian Moura (Spain) 22
5. Mark Stewart (Great Britain) 21