May 22, 2024

Privacy protection – Italy no longer sends speed camera photos – News

Protecting privacy – Italy no longer sends photos of speed cameras – News – SRF

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  • In Italy, images from speed cameras will no longer be sent from speed cameras in the future.
  • This is intended to protect privacy.
  • This came according to a new decree issued by the Ministry of Transport announced on Saturday.

According to this, only car and motorcycle drivers who drive at high speed should have a good notice delivered to their homes. Evidence photos taken by automated cameras, which also show faces, are still with authorities. They should only be used if speeders are intercepted. The regulation also applies to foreign holidaymakers caught speeding on the streets of Italy.


Italy has more than 11,000 speed cameras, more than any other European country.

Images by imago/Jochen Tuck

According to a report by the Corriere della Sera daily newspaper, the decree has already been approved by the Italian Data Protection Authority. In Italy, in recent years, it has repeatedly happened that traffic violators have been exposed to unpleasant situations through speed camera images. For example, because it is possible to see other people in the recordings who may not have been supposed to be sitting in the car. It is also said that some marriages have failed in this way.

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