Beller locates an anti-aircraft site. It is precisely for this reason that Putin is afraid of getting holiday photos from Crimea.

A summer day in Crimea: A proud vacationer picks up with a Russian anti-missile defense system and thus reveals the location.

Twitter / @DefenseU

Unsuspecting Russian vacationers are unwittingly playing for the Ukrainian army. Her photos sometimes reveal military details that can be easily deciphered by resourceful netizens.

Tanned skin, relaxation time, beautiful area, but the background is crucial: holiday photos from Crimea are something special these days. There are occasional explosions near the beach. Or an impressive air defense system for the Russian army.

What may be a memorable holiday destination is causing a growing headache for the Russian military leadership. Pictures on social networking sites reveal defensive positions.

Schweitzer finds exact coordinates

Recently, a holiday guest on the Russian Facebook corresponding to caused damage to his army. The man looks proud of the powerful device behind him, but his photo also revealed the exact location of the S-400 air defense system.

Soon after the photo was posted on the social network, OSINT specialists took an interest in the photo. OSINT is an acronym for Open Source Intelligence: A global community of enthusiasts collects and evaluates publicly available information. One of them is Benjamin Pettit from Bell, who’s over there annoying “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” brought a certain fame to the scene.

Russia is afraid of the shots

Betty discovered the holiday photo and published the exact coordinates of the missile defense system within a very short period of time. It wasn’t that difficult at all Writes Journalist Markus Krutov on the Russian portal “Svoboda”.

Vacationers in the Crimea are currently a nightmare for the Russian army. Accordingly, the Russian authorities warned on Telegram to take fewer photos and not to upload videos.

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On the other hand, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry apologized on Twitter for being “a bit harsh at times” for Russian tourists. You deserve a lot of thanks for the good work you’ve done.

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