December 5, 2023

Prince Williams Earthshot Prize: These are the finalists’ projects

Prince William at the Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit on September 19. Image: imago images/UPI image

15 projects were presented as part of a summit on the Prince William Earthshot Prize. Five of them will receive a cash prize of £1 million each in November.

Prince William (41) took part in the Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit in the USA, where, among other things, the 15 finalists for this year’s awards ceremony for his environmental project were announced. The awards ceremony is scheduled to be held on November 7 in Singapore.

15 Earthshot finalists in five categories

Awards are presented in five categories relating to oceans, nature conservation, sustainability, climate and clean air. Individual projects were selected from more than 1,300 nominees and represent efforts on six continents. Abalobi wants to promote sustainable fishing, Acción Andina works to preserve forest ecosystems, and Aquacycle deals with the treatment of polluted wastewater.

Meanwhile, Belterra relies on regenerative agriculture to enhance biodiversity, among other things. Boomitra is focused on reducing CO2 emissions, and Circ has developed a process for recycling polycotton. The Coastal 500 is committed to protecting coasts, Colorfix produces more sustainable textile dyes, and Enso develops more efficient tires for electric cars.

The city of Freetown is interested, among other things, in reforestation, and at the same time, GRST produces batteries with components that can be more easily recycled, and Polish Smog Alert wants to improve air quality in Poland. S4S Technologies fights food waste, Sea Forest makes nutritional supplements for cattle and sheep from algae, and the Wildaid Marine program aims to create lasting benefits for endangered wildlife, ecosystems or even coastal communities.

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There is a detailed overview of the projects and the people behind them On the Earthshot Prize home page. An Instagram clip of William and Princess Kate, 41, who did not travel to the US with her husband, also briefly introduces the finalists. Support at the top William got paid for it, according to People They include former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (81 years old), former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (43 years old), and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates (67 years old).

The Earthshot Prize, established by William in 2020, aims to support potential solutions to environmental problems. Each year, five projects are recognized at the awards ceremony, each supported by a financial prize of £1 million. The Earthshot Prize is one of the Prince’s favorite environmental projects. He is also expected to attend the award ceremony in Singapore. It is currently unclear whether Kate will travel with them to Asia.