Prince Harry: Bitter words – “very destructive”

Prince Harry: “A Deep Divide in the Family”

Prince Harry’s return to England was eagerly awaited. In the end, some royal fans may have been very disappointed: they did not see him and Duchess Meghan. There is also a mood between Sussex and other royal families Not the best, The British media repeatedly say. The royal family is said to have been deeply concerned about Harry and Megan Use film and photo shoots with other royal families Can, um Monetize them.

When a clothing brand used the official birthday photo of Harry’s daughter Lilliput to advertise on Facebook, many confirmed their fears. And Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams believes The situation between Sussex and the rest of the royal family is difficult There is. “There is a deep split in the family, however a lot seems to have happened behind the scenes to allow his arrival for the Jubilee.“The Injuries appear Not only with Harry and Megan, but also with Charles, Camila, William and Kate Should not be cured. The expert believes that there is a reason above all else.

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