July 16, 2024

The Leipzig photographer won the competition in Toronto, Canada

The Leipzig photographer won the competition in Toronto, Canada

When news reached him from Canada, Leipzig photographer Martin Newhof did not believe it at first: his picture was selected as the best portrait of the year in an international competition organized by the “500px” portal. Now Sensitive Photography is getting ready for exhibitions in Toronto.

Leipzig.Leipzig photographer Martin Newhoff has been national so far, especially with him Photo series “Heart Fight” Known. For this purpose, the 37-year-old has been portraying those who have been committed to the fight against racism, homosexuality and other forms of discrimination for many years. Portrait photography of Newhope in Toronto, Canada has now won the prestigious photo competition. So his works will soon be on display in two galleries in the city.

“I was really surprised. The annual competition owned by the 500px Photo Platform is very extensive and has participants from all over the world,” Newhof told LVZ on Thursday. He originally submitted five photos in several categories – including the now-successful portrait photo and autumn landscape picture. Although not included in the title in this case, it was also commended by the arbitral tribunal.

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