September 30, 2023

Prince Harry: ‘A sad reality’ – Archie & Lilibet’s bitter prognosis

Does Prince George & Co have the best cards?

like Royal expert Daniela Elsir It is now clear that Prince George (9), Princess Charlotte (8) and Prince Louis (5) are Do not meet the problems of paparazzi. Certainly, the three royals live out part of their childhoods in the public eye, as members of the British royal family and heirs to the throne. In addition, they have Commitment to special occasionsLike the coronation of her grandfather, King Charles III. (74) and “troops of color” celebrations, smiling and waving to the masses.

also for Christmas greetings and images for Father’s Day and Mother’s Day Babies have to pose — but it all happens in an environment they can call home. the Privacy of the offspring of William and Kate It has top priority and is respected despite the level of public awareness of it. Be in the British press Hardly any special moments for the three kids The paparazzi captured with her parents and released them.

the Sad fact is that the American prince and princess will grow up without the UK’s restrictions on the press when it comes to children,

The expert summed it up to “”. after Recent shots of Prince HarryAs he watches a procession with his daughter in his arms, this becomes clear to be very likely Not the last paparazzi picture of little Lilibet it will be.

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