July 14, 2024

Klopp doesn’t get it: Lineker’s comment is causing waves

Klopp doesn’t get it: Lineker’s comment is causing waves

Gary Lineker did not allow himself to be withdrawn on match day. The icon of English football sat with his son George in the stands of his hometown club Leicester City and, unfortunately, witnessed the defeat against Chelsea (1: 3). In a black suit, the 62-year-old behaved like a classic broadcaster, but Lineker was suspended from his role as presenter of the Premier League program by the BBC – now leading to major unrest in all areas of society on the island.

Political parties, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, BBC chief Tim Davie, several sports stars and even Jurgen Klopp are embroiled in the controversy surrounding Lineker’s criticism of British asylum policy. It is about solidarity, accusations, justifications, and the demand to resign. Even the esteemed BBC programs have been seriously compromised. All this excitement leaves the most famous German in anything but the ‘United Kingdom’ baffled.

Lineker criticized the British asylum policy

“I’m not a native, but I don’t see any reason why someone shouldn’t be suspended for making that statement,” Liverpool manager Klopp commented on Lineker’s debate: “I’m not sure if I have a language problem – but I don’t see a reason why.”

Lineker compared the language the conservative government uses in its asylum plans to “Germany in the 1930s” on Twitter. Home Secretary Soella Braverman’s policy was “more than terrible”. Braverman had previously revealed plans to stop migrants from crossing the English Channel in small boats – sparking outrage from human rights groups.

What followed Lineker’s criticism and removal from his post as director of Match of the Day (the British analogue of the sports show) is a sensation, which is now accompanied by live tapes from the British media – they gave enough content. for the past hours.

Shearer and Wright express their solidarity with Lineker

It all started when former internationals Alan Shearer and Ian Wright, who were to be experts, canceled their participation in the show in solidarity with Lineker. Scheduled commentators joined the boycott shortly thereafter.

In the end, the one-and-a-half-hour broadcast on Saturday night became a 20-minute video with no commentary, interviews, or analysis. Since TV and radio presenters went on strike, the broadcaster had to apologize for the many changes to the programme.

The BBC’s managing director Davey ruled out his resignation despite the deep division within the station – and tried to build the first Lineker Bridge. “I would see success if Gary got back on the air,” Davey said.

BBC chief Davey is very close to the Conservative camp

Whether Lineker will play with this project is an open question. After all, the BBC justified the former top scorer’s sacking by deeming the avid Twitter user’s post a violation of their guidelines. Davy also justifies the comment again. On the other hand, Lineker stands by his statements.

This also applies to Prime Minister Sunak, who wants to stick to his asylum plans. Sunak said Lineker and the BBC should resolve their dispute between themselves. The opposition Labor Party, among others, question whether the BBC will be able to do that.

For a long time there has been criticism of the “BBC” on the island, stating that the broadcaster is no longer impartial due to the closeness of his bosses to the conservatives. The fact that Davey was a former Tory politician speaks volumes to critics.

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Maybe also for Linkers. In any case, it seems unlikely that he would change his most famous quote to “And in the end ‘BBC always wins'”.