April 21, 2024

PlayStation Plus: Surprise: Four free core games in March

Today, Sony announced its plans to provide free games on PlayStation Plus Essential next March. Surprise: this time there are not only three versions, but four complete versions available for free!

Anyone with a PlayStation Plus subscription can get three, and even four full editions at the base level in the new March. This is the biggest surprise of the new lineup that Sony officially confirmed today; The first game included has previously been leaked online.

This is what the well-known person reported yesterday Deals-Bilbil_kun leaked from the Kung Fu game Sifu It should be part of the new PS Plus lineup – and it absolutely is. From March 5 next week, you will be able to obtain this title for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. In it you embark on a campaign of revenge, because as a Kung Fu student you have to learn while hunting down the killers of your family.

Racing game fans will also get their money's worth on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, as they will get the racing game Codemasters. EA Sports F1 23 In hand, thanks to which you can relive the past Formula 1 season. The free full version of last year's title is also a good opportunity to check out the new F1 24 mood, which was recently announced for May 2024.

There are still two more titles in the March lineup, which will also be available for each of Sony's current home consoles: These are first Hello neighbor 2, where you have to solve the mystery surrounding Raven Brooks' children. This hidden object horror game focuses on a small town that seems to be hiding something – and as an investigative journalist, you must solve the mystery and uncover it. In addition, he joins Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Bungie's long-running sci-fi story.

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As always, you can keep the games permanently if you claim them via PlayStation Plus Essential starting next week; In this regard, the basic offer differs from PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium game subscriptions, where individual games can be removed from the offer entirely. You can still get free PS Plus Essential titles from February until March 4.

Sifu – Trailer Launch

Sifu's aesthetic on PlayStation is available now.