April 22, 2024

Microsoft is planning to make big changes to Windows Update

Users may soon see the Windows update screen less often than before.Photo: Imago/Manfred Segerer

Windows users should be happy: numerous reboots after monthly security updates to the operating system will soon be eliminated.

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Microsoft is testing an update method for Windows 11 that will not require a reboot to get regular security updates in the future. This came through the electronic portal Windows Central first. The functionality, known as hotpatching, is expected to be introduced with the 24H2 version of the operating system, which will be released in the second half of 2024.

Users enrolled in the Microsoft Windows Insider Program should be able to test the functionality in an early build. Microsoft is already using hot patching for some versions of its Windows Server operating system and on its Xbox Series

As Windows Central notes, introducing this feature doesn't mean users will never have to reboot after Windows updates again. Hotpatching is only for monthly security updates. Large updates still require a restart of the computer. Microsoft wants to use fast patching to ensure that security updates are installed more quickly.

Users may soon see the Windows update screen less often than before.  Windows update memes

Image source: A folder of old memes on my computer

Will a quick patch come to all users?

It is also said to be unclear whether the functionality will be rolled out to all users. For example, Microsoft may initially make hotfixing available only for certain commercial editions such as Windows Enterprise Edition or Windows Education.

A few days ago it was also announced that Microsoft is updating the main functionality 24H2 for Windows 11 instead of Windows 12. Among other things, the new version contains the long-awaited sudo command. This is a well-known function from Unix operating systems that is now also integrated into Windows 11.

With the help of Sudo, for example, faster file operations can be performed using administrator rights directly in the console – without going through the user interface. Developers and IT professionals in particular will be happy with this new functionality.

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