December 4, 2023

Players have noticed a lack of immersion details in New Atlantis

from Michael Miscullin
One player noticed a strange detail in Starfield after 200 hours of play.

In Starfield, New Atlantis represents humanity’s most advanced city, which is why developer Bethesda designed it as the game’s main hub. But compared to other “capitals” from other Bethesda games, the city can’t compete with the previous settlements – especially when it comes to immersion. Because one of the players noticed strange details about New Atlantis.

Starfield: There is no window light in New Atlantis at night

Bethesda wanted to portray New Atlantis in Starfield as the main center of humanity. In order to achieve a certain realistic scale, the developers had to make some compromises with the immersive features of this city. New Atlantis is filled with countless lifeless NPCs, but they don’t have the complex timelines for each individual that Bethesda’s previous cities did. user Andrusk0l After over 200 hours of playing Starfield, I also noticed the odd detail that the buildings in New Atlantis aren’t lit at night, which makes the city look rather strange. After all, the city is said to be one of the most densely populated places in humanity’s populated systems.

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Some players in the community have pointed out that Oblivion had mods fifteen years ago that added blazing window lights to cities at night. Thus, the new Atlantis will represent a step backwards in terms of immersion in Bethesda’s game cities. Other players have tried to appease, explaining that Starfield mods will be able to fix such and similar minor flaws once the creation kit tools for the space role-playing game are released early next year.

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source: Reddit