June 17, 2024

Parmelin tested positive +++ China has as many infections as 2020

Parmelin tested positive +++ China has as many infections as 2020

In Switzerland and Liechtenstein, the FOPH reported 33,754 new coronavirus infections in 71,542 tests on Wednesday. At the same time, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees recorded 11 new deaths and 146 hospitalizations.

On the same day last week, BAG received reports of 23,684 new confirmed infections, 150 hospitalizations and 10 deaths. The number of cases increased by 42.5 percent within a week. Hospital admissions were down 2.7 percent compared to the previous week.

There are currently 652 people in intensive care in hospitals. Intensive care unit utilization is currently 77.30 percent. 16.30% of the available beds are occupied by Covid-19 patients.

In the past four weeks, 5,879.38 laboratory-confirmed coronavirus infections were reported per 100,000 population. The reproduction number R, which indicates the average number of people who become infected, was 1.28 on February 25.

69.07% of the Swiss population is now fully vaccinated. 1.03 percent received the last first dose. Of the population aged 12 or older, 78.15 percent have been vaccinated. In addition, 41.64 percent of the general population and 76.01 percent of those over 65 years of age received a so-called booster vaccination – the third or booster vaccination.

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