November 28, 2023

Paris & Co.  Finishing Touches in Colorado - Alpine Skiing

Paris & Co. Finishing Touches in Colorado – Alpine Skiing

Dominique Paris is back in fitness in the United States. © Pentaphoto

On November 26, the sprinters will run the first race of the year in Lake Louise (Canada). The ski team from Italy acclimatize in advance at Copper Mountain.

Due to the scarcity of space on European glaciers, high-quality speed units are rare. Therefore, giant slalom training was conducted mainly in the summer. At Copper Mountain (Colorado), the lost training kilometers must now be made up so that everything fits into the start at Lake Louise on November 26. A week later, the men will move to Beaver Creek, before the women’s races begin the new season on December 3, again at Lake Louise.

Guglielmo Bosca, Emanuele Buzzi, Mattia Casse, Matteo Marsaglia, Nicolò Molteni, Pietro Zazzi, Christof Innerhofer, Dominik Paris and Riccardo Tonetti have all been called up for the two-week training camp, which begins on November 6. The men’s team is accompanied by Lorenzo Galli, Patrick Stoudacher, Christian Corradino, Michael Goeffler and Raymond Blanker.

Women do it like men

In the same place, the women shine: Federica Brignoni, Sofia Giugia, Elena Cortone, Roberta Melici, Caroline Pichler, Francesca Marsaglia, Nicole and Nadia Delago led by Gianluca Rolvi, Marcello Tavola, Giovanni Feltrine, Paolo Diflorian, Paolo W. Luca Stefanini works on the finer details. The women’s first outdoor race is the giant slalom in Killington on November 27.


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