April 25, 2024

This is why Andretti's takeover failed

This is why Andretti’s takeover failed

The Sauber team continues to drive in Formula 1 under the name Alfa Romeo. Michael Andretti explains why the takeover by the US racing team failed.

The basics in brief

  • Andretti Autosport dreams of entering Formula 1.
  • A deal with Sauber failed – but apparently not because of financial demands.

Michael Andretti, former Formula 1Pilot, wants his own racing team in Formula 1 conciliate. That’s why Andretti Autosport, USA for the majority owner Swiss Sauber racing team.

but the Takeover Failed Hinwilers continues to operate under the name Alfa Romeo.

Andretti has now spoken for the first time about negotiations with Islero Investments, the parent company of Sauber. And declares categorically that the deal did not fail due to financial obstacles. This was spread by several sources after the failure of negotiations.

“These problems prevented the deal.”

“I just want to get rid of the rumors that Entry for money Failed,” says Andretti. “This is far from the truth.” However, the former race driver doesn’t want to go into any further details – and his explanations are vague.

“Control problems arose in the final hours of negotiations that prevented the deal,” Andretti says. “I’ve always said we wouldn’t make the deal if it didn’t work out for us,” he notes.

If not clean, then another team

The 59-year-old doesn’t explain exactly what the “control issues” were all about. But it is clear that Andretti would have bought the team but did not control it. The American also confirms this – and says: “We can’t accept that.”

Would you have been pleased with Andretti’s takeover of Sauber?

Even if it doesn’t work out with Sauber: Michael Andretti still dreams about it Formula 1. “We are still looking for opportunities,” said the former racing driver.

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