December 1, 2023

Dominic Eggerter suffers from a lack of performance despite the World Cup title

Dominic Eggerter suffers from a lack of performance despite the World Cup title

Although Dominique Aegerter won the world title in the supersport class, he didn’t get a better class bid. A frustrating operarguer.

Despite his world title, Dominic Agerter did not receive an offer from a higher category. – Noh

The basics in brief

  • In October, Swiss motorcycle racer Dominic Eggerter became world champion.
  • Despite his World Championship title, he never received an offer for a better racing class.
  • That is why the man from Oberaargau will also be racing in the supersport class next season.

“Yeah, I’m a little disappointed.” No, these words are not from a fallen race driver, but from Fresh Baked Supersport World Champion Dominic Eggerter.

Oberaargauer won his first world title just last month. Even before the end of next season in Indonesia, it was clear that Aegerter could no longer be caught.

Despite the huge success, it is now clear that there will be no promotion for the 31-year-old: due to a lack of interest from other teams, Aegerter is also moving forward. Next season in the World Cup Supersport NS.

There are no offers for Dominic Egerter

With his good performance, the World Cup champion was hoping for a bid from the top-ranked Superbike category. diff from Moto 2The semester could have been fun for the Swiss.

In a video interview with, Aegerter admitted: “I don’t know why. With so many victories, I would have thought of one.” Moto 2Return or upgrade to Superbike should be possible.

Although the Aegerter is no longer one of the youngest to ride motorcycles at 31 years old, he feels he is in great shape. The lack of interest from other teams is even more disappointing: “I didn’t get an offer. Nobody wanted me,” says the super sports champion.

Was it possible to help another nationality?

However, perhaps the only reason for his age was that the experienced racing driver did not receive any offers. “Maybe it’s because of my nationality, because the interest in the Swiss is not so great because of the smaller marketing.”

Full video interview with Supersport World Champion Dominique Aegerter. – Noh

Dominic Eggerter does not want to speculate about which country he will come from for the greater good. But it is clear to him: “I am absolutely confident that I would have had the opportunity to be promoted with another nationality.”

Will Dominic Eggerter win the World Supersport Championship again next season?

The world champion is now hoping for a successful season: “I hope to strike again and thus prove that I have a place in the Moto 2– Or he was awarded the Superbike category.”

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