October 5, 2023

Hillary Clinton während der Zeremonie an der Oxford-Universität. Foto: imago/i Images

Oxford University Award: Hillary Clinton received an honorary doctorate in entertainment

Hillary Clinton during the ceremony at Oxford University. Photo: imago / i Images

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton received a very special award: a prestigious British university awarded her an honorary doctorate at a ceremony.

Former US Secretary of State and former First Lady Hillary Clinton (73) received an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Oxford, UK. The wife of the 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton, 75, received, on Wednesday evening, the title of civil law.

Clinton was “excited” in a statement, As reported by BBC. party evening Clinton posted on Instagram Several photos of the award and she wrote: “I am delighted to receive an honorary doctorate in civil law on a good day at Oxford University.”

Hillary met Bill Clinton while studying law

Before starting her political career, the Democrat worked as a lawyer and studied at the famous Yale Law School in Connecticut, USA. There she met her future husband, Bill, in 1971. Until 1978 she was also a professor of law at the University of Arkansas.