July 16, 2024

BVB: Jadon Sancho mocked after his England move

BVB: Jadon Sancho mocked after his England move

After his move from BVB to Manchester United, Jadon Sancho didn’t get right.

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After his move from BVB to Manchester United, Jadon Sancho didn’t get right. In England, the former Borussia Dortmund star was mocked.

At Borussia Dortmund he was a champion. In England, it seems Jadon Sancho has yet to gain respect.

Noun Jadon Sancho
size 1,80 meters
Boy 25 March 2000 (21 years old), Camberwell, London, United Kingdom
Joining dates Manchester United (July 2021), BVB (August 2018), Manchester City Youth (March 2015)

BVB: Jadon Sancho mocked England move – harmful on Twitter

The 21-year-old’s start at Manchester United has not been great. Jadon Sancho was nothing but a follower in the shadow of the superstar cast around Cristiano Ronaldo, Marcus Rashford and Mason Greenwood.

Jadon Sancho surely imagined this balance sheet very differently: Because he hasn’t rolled over in the previous 327 minutes of play, the former BVB star has now earned a bitter sneer.

BVB: Jadon Sancho is still without a goal post after moving to Manchester United

the gate football Compare him on Twitter to James Bond, the legendary movie’s secret agent. “They call him 007,” the joke wrote to her more than 800,000 followers. Jadon Sancho’s codename stands for: “0 goals, 0 assists, 7 matches.”

In fact, the dangerous young star has not been directly involved in a single goal since his move from BVB to Manchester United. He made five Premier League games, including three late substitutions.

Former BVB star Jadon Sancho lost with Manchester United against Young Boys Burn.

© Alessandro Della Valle/AFP

BVB: Fans are already starting to draw comparisons to Timo Werner after Jadon Sancho moved to England

There is also a brief appearance in the 1:2 defeat in the Champions League against Bernese Young Boys. His first mixed appearance over 90 minutes was a 0:1 bankruptcy in the Carabao Cup against West Ham.

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One Twitter user commented: “The Premier League is no joke. Timo Werner asks.” The striker has scored just six goals in 39 appearances since joining Chelsea. Another user invented the nickname “Banko” (English: Bencho) because of the short run times.

BVB: United legend defends Jadon Sancho – lowered in picks after transfer

Did Jadon Sancho make a huge mistake with his 85 million move from BVB to Manchester United? After all, club legend Roy Keane broke the England international’s spear 22 times (three goals).

“He has only been with the club for two months. There have been a lot of changes, new players have entered the club Sky Sports. Jadon Sancho is definitely not the star of the Manchester United squad. He will have to get used to his reduced role in the selection arrangement for the English record champions. Roy Keane demands: “Leave the boy alone!”