May 23, 2024

Ein Hinweisschild des Impfzentrums steht auf dem Gelände der Royal Highland Show. Die Regierung hat die eingeführten Corona-Maßnahmen für das schottische Festland bis mindestens Ende Februar verlängert. Foto: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire/dpa

One in five adults in the United Kingdom are vaccinated

And Health Minister Matt Hancock promised Thursday: “We will move forward as soon as possible to ensure that everyone who needs vaccination gets vaccinated.” According to official figures on Wednesday, about 10.5 million people out of a total of more than 66 million residents – including the palace – were vaccinated. Half a million of these have already received a second dose, which is essential for complete protection.

The responsible Minister of State, Nadim Al-Zahawi, told the BBC that vaccination readiness was “extremely high”. He cited data from the National Bureau of Statistics stating that 85 per cent of adults agreed to be vaccinated. However, it is alarming that studies show that white people are vaccinated twice more than black people. Therefore, a large number of those refusing to be vaccinated are blacks, Asians, and members of other ethnic minorities.

Al-Zahawi confirmed that all vaccinated people would be registered in a database. However, even after several inquiries, he did not comment on whether the government would also take note of the data of those who refused to be vaccinated. Meanwhile, the police and the National Health Service (NHS) are warning scammers who email them requesting money for tests or vaccinations and ask for bank details in return. The NHS confirmed, “We will never ask you to provide bank details or pay for a test or vaccine.”

On Thursday, British authorities reported 20,634 new infections. In the past seven days, the number has decreased significantly. Again, however, nearly 1,000 deaths have been reported. Among them was a seven-year-old boy who had been hospitalized since November.

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