Ondra climbs 8c+ way back – no joke!

Adam Ondra took his friend’s suggestion seriously and climbed the Ein Odin (8c+) way back up. This video shows his amazing rise.

Adam Ondra is slowly running out of side projects in his favorite Flatanger area. While planning Project Big, he didn’t have any “simple ways” that could be clipped briefly to the side. Ondra understands methods like the methods in the French upper eighth degree, like Odin’s Eye.

Exactly this path was outlined by his companion Dennis Pyle when Ondra tried out Project Big. When Ondra complains to Pail about his lack of side projects, he jokes that he should climb back up Odin’y Eye.

“I’m not sure if Dennis doesn’t trust me to climb your way back up or if he just thinks I wouldn’t do such nonsense.”

Adam Ondra

What was initially more of a joke than a serious proposition from his friend quickly became a challenge Ondra couldn’t get out of his head. On the last day of his stay he got serious – and hit the road at the Odin’y Eye reflector to climb it in the opposite direction.

Video: Adam Ondra’s back-to-back ascent from Odin’s Eye (8c+) in Flatanger

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Credits: cover photo Adam Ondra | ao productions

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