June 14, 2024

Weather warning: this is how Italy prepares for storms

Weather warning

“Stay on the upper floors” – this is how Italy prepares for storms

From midnight, heavy rains were announced in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy. There are clear instructions for the residents.


Photo from the beginning of May: Recently, heavy rains have been frequent in Italy.

IMAGO / Independent Photo Agency Int.

  • Italy is preparing for severe storms in the next few days.

  • For example, the Civil Defense issued a high-level flood and landslide warning in Emilia-Romagna on Tuesday.

  • Residents in some counties there have been urged to avoid non-essential travel and work from home if possible.

«Stay away from tunnels, bridges, and rivers, and do not use cars or elevators Do not go outTo keep your car safe. clings on the upper floors. Do not use your cell phone for unnecessary conversations, leave the lines free for emergency calls. ” These are some of the warnings that the Italian Civil Defense released on social media on Monday evening.

The situation is serious: the first rains are expected from midnight, severe storms will mainly affect the northern region of Emilia-Romagna. In some areas, authorities are forecasting up to 150mm of rain within 48 hours.

There are no schools in many fields

There is a red alert in the regions of Cesena, Faenza, Forlì, Ravenna and Rimini, and mayors have ordered all schools to close on Tuesday. Residents should avoid leaving home and, if possible, work from home.

As Irene Priollo, Vice President in charge of Civil Protection in Emilia-Romagna, told “Il Resto del Carlino”, the Civil Protection team expects a significant increase in rivers and streams. Floods and landslides can also occur. The sea can get very rough, so beach walks should be avoided.

Civil defense teams are on the move

Weather experts told Corriere della Sera that the forecast is “complex, as thunderstorms and sea level rise are expected, which could lead to greater difficulties in draining water from rivers.”

Strong winds are expected on Tuesday on the mountains. Irene Priollo said reinforcement units are being deployed to mountain communities where people have already been evacuated to provide organizational support. “We are mobilizing civil protection teams at the regional and national levels,” says the officer. Teams are already deployed in some regions.

Already almost two weeks ago Non-stop rain at the Po level It increases by one and a half meters in 24 hours. Smaller rivers in Emilia-Romagna overflowed their banks, damaging homes and flooding fields. Two people died and about 450 had to leave their homes.